What are the advantages of IHDE Dental Implants?

Innovations of IHDE Dental implants protected by multiple international patents decrease the treatment period of implantation from years to a few days.

Even those patients can be supplied with dental implants and with fixed replacements who would be rejected by dentists and dental surgeons working with conventional methods or could be treated only by long and complicated series of surgeries. There is no need for bone grafts or for using artificial bone replacements inserted surgically. This significantly decreases the price of the intervention. Prosthesis fixed on IHDE Dental implants provides total loadability and perfect chewing function immediately advantages

What is different about the Immediate Loading Implants of IHDE Dental?

IHDE fog implantátum

However more and more doctors, research and development and manufacturing companies recognise that there is no need for the healing of implants in all cases to be able to put crown or bridge on them yet in most clinics the 3–6-months healing period is awaited.

IHDE Dental implants are developed for almost 20 years to radically decrease the treatment period. Besides dentistry and oral surgery they considerably lean on the method of immediate loading acknowledged and applied in traumatology for a long time.

Most of the implants consist of one single piece, there is no connecting item between the artificial root and the supraconstruction (crown or bridge) that could loosen or so called micro-gap where bacteria could settle what may lead to the loss of the implants.

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Can the immediate loading implants be used in my case?

Yes! Our researches and statistics prove that IHDE Dental implants can be used in 99% of patients!

According to our long-term follow-up studies the success rate can reach 99%, the life span of implantations can be even 25 years if appropriate conditions are maintained and neither diabetes nor smoking are excluding reasons.

Fogászati implantáció magyarországon
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